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the peaceniks arise

with fists held high

3/31/05 04:31 pm - mandolin_ramble

Hi, I just joined. I'm Amanda, and I'm fifteen years-old and I live in America. I'm very liberal, and belong to our High School's section of Amnesty International (its suprising that we have one, our suburb is full of Bush-ass-kissers). My heroes include all of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Cat Stevens (shame on the USA for not allowing him back in the country, since they think the man who wrote peace train is a terrorist.), and Martin Luther King Jr., of course.

Anyway, this is a great community. :)

3/12/05 09:22 pm - cole_a_cola - Help?

Hey. I just created a community on lj called "Uniteforpeace" I'm not too html savy, nor do I think I could moderate the community on my own. The point of the community is for people to come together and promote peace. Simple hugh? I just feel like a lot of times the power of peace is underestimated. I also would like the community to deal with other aspects of the Bush Administration. I want people to feel free to express themselves, as well as post upcoming events. I would really appreicate all the help I could get.

e-mail me @: pacobu@aol.com
(also it would be fabulous if any georgian's send me an e-mail. I'm in the process of thinking about organizing a meeting in Atlanta sometime in the near future. I just get so frustrated down here. I feel like there are no outlets for us to speak.)



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3/4/05 12:25 am - angelrenegade - new

hi, i'm new here, and i want to introduce myself. first i wanna say that i'm pretty happy that the US Supreme Court has decided that sentencing minors to the death penalty is unconstitutional. that's probably the only good thing to really come out of the no child left behind act. i try to stay away from politics, but it just doesn't work. john lennon is one of my heroes, as is dr martin luther king jr.
anyways, my name is amber, i'm 22, i'm graduating college this may, and i'm definetly a peacenik

2/22/05 11:22 pm - i_meant_as_is

rest in peace, hunter s. thompson--- one crazy motherfucker who gave 'em all hell

2/5/05 10:03 am - desdemona47 - Scary!


2/2/05 02:32 am - sauerkraut - 243 members away from registering with Elections Canada.

Canadian Anarchist Party/Parti anarchiste (CAPPA) ManifestoCollapse )

If you'd like an easier to read copy, e-mail anarchistcanada at gmail dot com.

1/23/05 12:18 am - phantom_angel - x-posted

1/17/05 11:55 pm - tin_lizzy

Hi all,

just joined the community and wanted to share this pic of a billboard liberation project a couple of us Mpls womyn undertook over the weekend:

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1/9/05 04:58 pm - shednoblood

uniting all of our causes towards freedom and sustainability

humanmajority join

1/4/05 11:54 am - psychegirl - Scare Tactics

I was just watching tv when a commercial came on and it was a little girl talking about what she would do or rather asking a parent what she should do. She was saying things like "Should I go to grandma's because it's closer?", "What if the phone doesn't work?". I was thinking that it was just another commercial about how your family should have a plan in case of a fire.
I was appalled when it turned out to be a commercial promoted by Homeland Security saying that your family should have a plan in case of a terrorist attack. I'm sooo tired of this administration's scare tactics. Planning for a fire is one thing, those are pretty predictable situations or how to deal with that is predictable. You get out of the house and call the fire department, meet your family in a designated area away from the house. Simple. But planning for a terrorist attack? Come on. How do you do that? And who knows if there will be another huge attack or where it will be? Why scare little kids into thinking their under a constant threat. They don't need that in their lives.
If we constantly live in fear of a terrorist attack then the terrorists have won. They've changed our lives and the way we live them. We're in constant fear, they win. If we make the necessary adjustments to our lives to keep us safe, but continue as normally as possible, then they don't win. We don't need color codes and scary commercials to keep us safe. We need an administration that tells us the truth about situations and their motives.

Grrr, I'm so mad. I think I'm done ranting for now.
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